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The Consultation Period for responding to the latest iteration of Amber Valley Borough
Council’s Local Plan finishes this Friday, 28th April. This is the Parish Council’s response; but
I would ask you to contact AVBC too, as the more people making their views known the
better. You can plagiarise this response and send it by snailmail or email to Amber Valley
Planning Dept, or you can reply directly from their website.

Quarndon Parish Council supports Amber Valley Borough Council’s policies supporting good
design and an appropriate mix of housing types reflecting the changing needs in the local

We remain totally opposed to the proposed development of 400 houses on the Kedleston
Road site which is fraught with difficulties; totally inadequate infrastructure (schools, local
transport network and health facilities) and breaching NPPF rules regarding potential harm
to the settings of Heritage assets of the highest order. The ECUS report commissioned by
AVBC is clear that ‘it is considered this harm cannot be readily reduced so that it can
be avoided or mitigated and the character and appearance of the designated heritage
assets are preserved or enhanced.’

5 Local Plan Objectives
Objective 12 To ensure that new development is directed away from areas at highest risk
of flooding.....
1 that there should be firm definition of ‘land at highest risk of flooding’ and that 2 the
objective should say ‘no development shall occur’ of such defined land

6.3.2 Spatial Strategy
We reject the assessment of Quarndon, a small village of about 400 dwellings with virtually
no facilities or services, as a ‘Key Village’. There are no shops, no Post Office, ATM, Filling
station or Garage, Library, GP surgery, Pedestrian crossing or Traffic lights and the majority
of the roads have no pedestrian footways, Broadband speeds are very poor, with no plans to
upgrade and the service bus to Derby runs just 6 times a day and not at all on Sundays or
Bank holidays.

7.1 We are very concerned about the further proposed development on Radbourne Lane
as the effects on the infrastructure are unsustainable. Although Policy HSG14 attempts to
mitigate the problems associated with the over-development of this site, a new primary
school does nothing to address the lack of possible provision of secondary school and sixth
form places, whilst the local transport network will be unable to absorb the extra traffic

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