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   QNP - Steering Group Meeting on 1st June    June 5, 2016
The meeting of the QNP (Quarndon Neighbourhood Plan) steering group on the 1st June was very successful and the process to create a plan is now under way. The main results of the meeting were :-
1. Nomination of Steering Committee Officers
The following were nominated and agreed:
Simon Reed - Chairman
Drew McAngus - Vice Chairman
Martin Cross - Treasurer
Keith Thomas - Secretary
The Steering Committee would welcome further members; the only qualification required is to be a resident of Quarndon Parish!  Please contact one of the committee members named above or attend our next meeting, which will be at 7.00pm on 22 June at Quarndon Cricket Club if you are interested.
2. Identifying the Geographical Area for the Neighbourhood Plan
DECISION: It was agreed that the area for which we should prepare the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) will be that defined by the Quarndon Parish boundary..
3. Neighbourhood Plan Application Document
A formal application from Quarndon Parish Council needs to be made to Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) to gain their support for our creation of the NP. The draft application document was reviewed and, with the inclusion of Simon Reed’s name now that he is in place as Chairman of the QNPSC, the Committee gave authorisation to issue.
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