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   Outline Planning Application for dwellings off Kedleston Road - Update    February 16, 2016

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 27.01.16

Catesby Estates, a developer, has submitted an outline planning application to Amber Valley Borough Council for permission to build 195 dwellings in the Parish of Quarndon, on land off Kedleston Road. Their earlier application to build 400 houses on this site and adjoining land was turned down by AV Planning Board in July last year. Catesby Estates have appealed that decision and their appeal is due to be heard starting on 19th July this year.
Your Parish Council supports National Policy regarding the provision of adequate housing, but considers this site to be wholly inappropriate for development and therefore has written to AV opposing this further application. Our opinion is that this proposal is good for neither the village nor the locality.
It is vital, if you have any concerns about the proposal, that you write personally to AVBC Planning Dept., Town Hall, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3BT, quoting AVA/2015/1243 detailing your views. Note: this application is completely separate from the earlier application for 400 houses and you need to make representations concerning this even if they are the same as you expressed over that previous proposal.
Some of the concerns you may have and may wish to mention in your letter may cover the following points which I have raised in my submission to AV on behalf of the Parish Council.
Quarndon Parish Council Submission 27.01.16
Quarndon Parish Council objects to the outline planning application AVA/2015/1243 for permission to build 195 dwellings in the Parish of Quarndon, on land off Kedleston Road. 

The application is without the built environment of the Village of Quarndon and is therefore contrary to AVBC's saved policies H3 and H5.

The applicant breaches NPPF objectives in that the development would fail to

1.      conserve and enhance the natural environment and open countryside

2.      retain the best and most versatile agricultural land

Planning guidance includes the presumption against residential development on greenfield land and especially high-grade agricultural land
 The site encompasses part of the flood plain for Markeaton Brook. Downstream, the residents of Allestree in the Ypres Road area already suffer flooding of their homes a number of times a year. The whole issue of flooding requires re-examination with current models to estimate risk having been shown lacking up and down the country.

The demand for extra school places, Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form that the development would generate cannot be resolved. Local schools in both Amber Valley and Derby City say they are oversubscribed and without land on which they could expand to meet the required places.

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