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   Amber Valley withdraw their Core Strategy (local plan)    December 12, 2015

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 12.12.15

Amber Valley Borough Council has announced that they have been compelled to withdraw their Core Strategy (Local Plan).

Following discussions with relevant housing developers in the last two weeks, the Council can no longer be confident that the developers will deliver the previously predicted number of houses within the next five years on the sites proposed by the Council.

Government policy requires the Council to show that enough homes will be built in the next five years to meet objectively assessed housing need.

Effectively, Developers will need to build five times as many houses per year, than they have for the last 5 years. Despite the fact that there are many sites within the Borough that have been given planning approval by the Council, the Council has no powers to force developers to start building the houses, or influence the timeframe over which a site is developed.

It is anticipated the process of reviewing the growth strategy and reaching a conclusion as to an alternative approach, including appropriate public consultation and engagement, will take at least 12 months.

In a statement, the Amber Valley Head of Planning, Councillor Kevin Buttery says; ‘this does not mean that any development, whatever the impacts, will be acceptable. National planning policy, and the objective of pursuing sustainable development, is a material consideration in planning decisions irrespective of the status of an area's development plan and will enable the Council to continue to protect the Green Belt and other areas of environmental importance for heritage, landscape and other reasons.’

His words are significant as we await a date for the hearing of Catesby’s appeal against AVBC’s decision to refuse their application to build 400 houses on Kedleston Road.

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