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   Proposed Development off Kedleston Rd - update 17    December 6, 2015

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 6.12.15

400 houses off Kedleston Road

Our joint application with Kedleston Voice for Rule 6 Status has been successful and the Q.C. who will present our case has been briefed. All the submissions made regarding the original application are with the government Planning Inspectorate. A Planning Inspector will shortly be notifying us of the date and venue for the enquiry.

Core Strategy

Mr Foster, the Inspector handling Amber Valley’s Local Plan revised Core Strategy has announced the resumption of the hearings starting Tuesday 15th December.

Amber Valley commissioned ECUS Consultants to study the heritage issues associated with their Strategic Land Allocation Review and they reported earlier this summer. Mr Foster invited the submission of comments on the ECUS report prior to the reopening of the hearings.

Your Parish Council took the opportunity to submit the following:

Quarndon Parish Council endorses the concerns expressed in the ECUS report commissioned by Amber Valley, about the irreparable harm that would be caused to heritage assets of the highest national importance, were land referred to as a potential strategic site in AVA/2013/0010 included in the Core Strategy and subsequently developed.

The report identifies 31 heritage assets and their setting, including:

· Kedleston Grade I RPG, Conservation Area and Listed Buildings

· Kedleston Hotel (Grade II* Listed Building);

· Quarndon Conservation Area; and

· Lower Vicarwood (Grade II Listed Building).

Furthermore, the report considers this harm cannot be readily reduced so that it can be avoided or mitigated and the character and appearance of the designated heritage assets are preserved or enhanced.

The report concludes that any development within the potential allocation would have harmful affects upon the settings and heritage significance of Kedleston Hall heritage asset group, Kedleston Hall Hotel and the Quarndon Conservation Area.

It ends by stating ‘Development within the potential allocation is considered unsuitable based upon potential harm upon the settings of several high value heritage assets.’

Quarndon Parish Council therefore respectfully submits that AVA/2013/0010 should be excluded from inclusion in the allocation both now and in the future.

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