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   Kedleston Road Planning Application Turned Down!    July 6, 2015

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 06.07.15

Well, the Planning Board voted to reject Catesby/Kedleston Estates’ application to build 400 houses off Kedleston Road by 6 votes to 5 – the voting, sadly, seems to have been along party-political lines, rather than on the merits of the case.

I include my presentation on behalf of the village below. The case presented by the AV Planning ‘Officer’ – Clare Thornton – making the case for refusal was very impressive. There were a number of searching questions from members of the Board to which she gave clear, robust answers, confirming the officers’ advice to refuse the application.


Presentation to AVBC Special Planning Board Monday 6 July 2015

Quarndon lies just to the North of the City of Derby. It dates back to the 9th century and was once a popular spa where people came to take of the allegedly healing waters at our Chalybeate Well.

A series of earth tremors has meant our well is now dry and the visitors long gone.

We are now a quiet residential village of under a thousand souls; with a church, a popular and oversubscribed primary school, a pub, a successful cricket club and an elegant hotel said to have been designed by Robert Adam whilst he was building the nearby Kedleston Hall.

The Village has seen 35 successful applications for appropriate and sustainable new dwellings since 2011, a growth rate of some 10%.

This application, however, is inappropriate and unsustainable and Quarndon Parish Council is resolutely opposed to it

There are two broad areas where the applicant breaches National Planning Policy Framework objectives, firstly Heritage issues, which will be dealt with by my colleague from Kedleston Voice and secondly Infrastructure, which I will address now.

The applicant has been unable to show that the lack of schools (both primary and secondary) has been resolved. Local schools in both Amber Valley and Derby City are oversubscribed and without land on which they could expand to meet the required places.

Local Medical, Nursing and Dental facilities are all under pressure. My colleagues at the three local General Practices have said they have neither the premises nor the land to expand to meet the demand for extra service provision.

We contend that this development will lead to major disruption to the local roads with the morning peak in particular being grisly, with long queues on Kedleston Road and the parallel A52 and A6, as well as ‘rat runs’ through residential Allestree and through Quarndon Village, which is largely without footpaths.

In May 2015 the Parish Council commissioned Transport Consultants, to prepare a report based on transportation concerns. Their report raises important issues about the potential impact on the local transport network, and questions the validity of the applicant's evidence and the conclusions reached as a result. 

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