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   Proposed development off Kedleston Rd - update 13    April 23, 2015

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 22.04.15

Catesby/Kedleston Estates’ application to build 400 houses is not now to be decided at the end of this month as Amber Valley struggle to deal with the volume of information flooding into them.

I have just commissioned an independent Traffic Consultancy firm, on behalf of the Parish Council, to look at the issue of the harmful effects all the extra vehicle journeys generated by the proposed development would have on the congestion on Kedleston Road. The National Planning Policy Framework guidelines say that development should be prevented or refused on transport grounds where the residual cumulative impacts of development are severe. Our contention is that this is the case and that the traffic survey commissioned by the applicant is flawed and it’s conclusions invalid.

As you may know, our total annual budget is only £12000, all of which is spoken for in advance; maintenance of the play area, the village hall car park hedges, grants to the upkeep of the hall and the school, admin costs etc. We blew our reserves by employing a Planning Consultant to object to the inclusion of the Kedleston Road land as a potential site for development in Amber Valley’s Revised Core Strategy. We are most grateful to an anonymous donor for offering to fund this work. I have been in contact with Kedleston Voice and will make the report available to them as it will be valuable if it is necessary to proceed to a judicial review.

On a more mundane note the Planning Subcommittee is reeling with also having to deal with nine new planning applications in the village this month.

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