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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 11    November 28, 2014

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 10.11.14 (amended)

Quarndon Parish Council is non-Political and as the first tier of government it has to remain impartial whilst respecting National Policies and protecting the interests of residents; it is a Statutory Consultee only, with no executive authority on planning decisions.

When looking at planning applications, unlike individuals and protest groups, QPC has to be even-handed, reflecting the views of residents, supporting National Policy regarding the provision locally of housing to meet the assessed requirements and considering the needs of prospective inhabitants of such properties.

QPC also have to consider the requirement to improve biodiversity, minimise flood risk, protect Conservation areas, consider Heritage issues, etc.

I have, in earlier updates, referred to many problems if the application to develop the land off Kedleston Road were approved, affecting most of us in the village. QPC, however, also has a duty of care towards the potential residents of the proposed development. We need to be assured that the housing would meet the needs of present and future generations with accessible local services that reflect the community’s needs and support its health, social and cultural well-being.

This development would fail to offer residents adequate access to schooling, medical, nursing and dental facilities and they would be imprisoned on a site surrounded by grid-locked roads.

This development is therefore unsustainable and should be rejected.

There is, currently, a petition to get Eric Pickles to ‘call in’ this application, however we need to approach this with caution as, were it to happen and the Appeal fail, then any constraints the Local Authority may have imposed would be rendered null and void and the developer has gained carte blanche!

Remember, any response you wish to make to the application needs to reach Amber Valley

Borough Council no later than 21st December. Responses should be submitted:-

By post to: The Planning Department, Amber Valley Borough Council, Town Hall, Ripley, DE5 3XE

or email to development@ambervalley.gov.uk

Please quote “AVA/2014/0928” on all of your correspondence.



From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 28.11.14

 Quarndon Parish Council has now formally responded to the Outline Planning Application to build 400 houses on the Kedleston Road site as well as also responding to the proposed inclusion of this site in Amber Valley’s revised Core Strategy. You will find a copy of each of the submissions at the bottom of this update.

It is great to see that so many of you have contacted AV about the application, but for those of you who have not yet responded, please do so; the good news is that the deadline for responses has now been extended to 21st December. Remember you can respond in writing, email or online from AV’s own website, quoting AVA/2014/0928 whichever route you choose to use.

Some consultation responses are already available;-

English Heritage have written, repeating their pre-application opinion saying ‘We will therefore sustain our objection to this allocation. In our view it cannot be demonstrated that the proposals for development on this site satisfy the need to provide public benefits proportionate to outweigh the harm to the significance of highly graded heritage assets here.’

The Highways Agency unbelievably, have said that 400 houses were ‘not expected to have any material impact on the A38’, they therefore have no objections to the proposal.

Derbyshire County Council

Flooding   They have acknowledged the concerns about flooding saying ‘development of the site for residential purposes may add a considerable area of impermeable surfacing to the existing greenfield site which is likely to exacerbate surface water flood risk.’

They refer to flood incidents which have occurred on Somme Road and Lens Road saying ‘As this location is closely downstream of the proposed development site, it is critical that the development does not exacerbate the issue.’

Education    DCC confirms the requirement for 80 primary, 60 secondary and 24 6th form places. They observe that Curzon Primary School has provision for 119 pupils but currently is over capacity with 140, and that it is expected to rise to 141 in the next 5yrs. If architects confirm the view that it will not be possible to expand, then DCC says a new school will need to be built at an estimated cost of £3-5 million with all of that cost and the provision of a site to be met by the developer.

Whilst Ecclesbourne is currently over capacity, it is anticipated that numbers will fall over the next five years so that they will be able to take 28 pupils. The developer will be required to provide approximately another £1 million to allow for the extra 32 secondary and 24 post-16 places required. DCC’s analysis shows that Ecclesbourne will be unable to accommodate the additional pupils and that ‘some expansion of other schools might be necessary’

View or download the following documents:

Response By Quarndon Parish Council to Planning Application

Response by Quarndon Parish Council to the Strategic Growth Site Policies



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