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News  »  Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 9 (Planning application AVA/2014/0928)

   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 9 (Planning application AVA/2014/0928)    October 29, 2014

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 28.10.14

Well, the outline Planning Application for ‘up to 400 houses off Kedleston Road’ has now been submitted to AVBC by Catesby Estates Ltd., and the period for responses ‘given the scale and complexity of this application’ has been extended by the Borough Council to 7th December.

Two public exhibitions have been organised by the Borough Council to offer opportunities to view the details of the application and for you to ask any questions or to discuss any points about the application. Officers of the Borough Council will be present at both of the following public exhibitions:

Quarndon Village Hall, 122 Church Road, Quarndon – 4pm to 7pm on Tuesday 4th November 2014
Royal British Legion, 39 Cornhill, Allestree – 3pm to 7pm on Thursday 6th November 2014

The Parish Council has taken advice from a Planning Consultant and will be submitting a formal response opposing the application. However, we need you to make your views known to Amber Valley, any comments should be made by email or in writing, and must reach the Council by 7th December 2014 to be certain of being considered.

Responses should be submitted by post to: The Planning Department, Amber Valley Borough Council, Town Hall, Ripley, DE5 3XE, or by email to development@ambervalley.gov.uk

Please quote “AVA/2014/0928” on all of your correspondence.

Please note that any comments you may have made on the Council’s Core Strategy consultation in relation to this site cannot be taken into account in consideration of this planning application. You need to consider the planning application afresh and make your comments regarding this proposed development.

The Parish Council has produced a fact sheet to assist villagers in their response to the application and it will shortly be delivered to every household in Quarndon along with the Newsletter; I reproduce it below.

Parish Council Information Sheet for Quarndon residents regarding the outline planning application to build 400 houses off Kedleston Road

You may care to select points you consider most important.

Planning approval has recently been granted for the building of 530 houses off Radbourne Lane and 30 large houses off Memorial Road. The designation by AV of a further site off Radbourne Lane as suitable for development could mean this small sector of Amber Valley providing 1030 dwellings over the next couple of years. Given the accepted constraints to development in this area, it seems self-evident that a proposal to build hundreds of houses on land off Kedleston Road is unsustainable.

The constraints referred to include the infra-structure, the setting, the land and the environment

1. Transport Travel into and out of the City is already difficult. Vehicles from this site would be attempting to turn out into standing traffic on Kedleston Road which could not cope with the extra vehicles
The A38, despite some recent cosmetic changes, has not the capacity to take additional traffic. Worse still, there is no access for traffic from Kedleston Road wishing to travel Northwards onto either the A6 or the A38, without ‘rat runs’ through the residential areas, of Allestree or Quarndon. The majority of roads in the village of Quarndon have no footway on even one side of the carriage way. The extra traffic thus generated would pose a major safety hazard especially for children and the elderly.
2. Health Facilities Local Doctors, Dentists and Community Nursing Services are already fully stretched. All three of the local GP surgeries are at full capacity and none of them has the space on which to extend.
3. Schools Local Primary and Secondary schools in Amber Valley are already over capacity; Curzon and Ecclesbourne schools have no land on which they could expand, even were extra money and staff to be found. The accepted calculation indicates that an extra 80 primary and 60 secondary school places would be required. (This area will already be challenged from providing some of the places required by the nearby Radbourne Lane development of nearly 600 new homes which is already under way). The head teachers of Portway and Lawn (primary) and of St Benedict’s (secondary), all in Derby City, likewise say they are over-subscribed, without land on which to expand.

The historic and architectural importance of Kedleston Hall and Park is nationally recognised – their intrinsic beauty and setting would be irreparably harmed. Both English Heritage and The National Trust oppose any development on this land.

Government policy is to preferentially develop brownfield or low grade greenfield sites. This land is high grade arable land, which has been successfully cropped for decades

1. Part of the flood plain for Markeaton Brook is included on the site. The residents of Allestree in the Ypres Road area already suffer flooding of their homes a number of times a year. A full flood risk assessment is required.
2. White clawed crayfish are just some of the wildlife present on this site which needs a full wildlife survey.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact:-
Mrs L Storey, Parish Clerk, PO Box 8108, Derby, DE1 0ZU, 07941 052009, quarndonpc@virginmedia.com

November 2014

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