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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 8 (Amber Valley meeting 15th Oct)    October 16, 2014

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 16.10.14

Amber Valley Council Meeting 15 October
So, despite all the evidence against, AVBC in their wisdom have included the Kedleston Road site in their Core Strategy. This will now be forwarded to a National Planning Inspector, along with all the responses that were submitted during the Public Consultation. She will be holding an Examination in Public and studying all the evidence before eventually reaching her decision, due to be published in her report early next year.
However, we need to stay alert for a planning application for this site and to be ready to respond with robust arguments against unsustainable development, which will adversely affect all of us in the village. As I mentioned in my last update, we will include an information sheet with next month’s Village Newsletter so that every resident will have the facts to enable them to respond effectively to any application to develop this site. Please do consider making your views known to AV Planning Dept about any planning application for this site, remember you will only have three weeks in which to do so. Any response you may have made to AV’s consultation on their Core Strategy is completely separate;
An application to build on this land has been and remains our prime concern and be aware, it does not need to await the outcome of the enquiry into the submitted Core Strategy.
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