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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 6    October 12, 2014
From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 10.10.14
The AV Council meeting on 17th September, in view of the 2500 responses received during the public consultation period, instructed the planning officers to re-evaluate their recommendations to add 14 extra sites to the revised AV Core Strategy. The officers are to report back to a special meeting of AV Council on 15 October.
There will once again be severely limited public access to the Council Chamber. The opportunity for the public to speak, opposing the inclusion of the Kedleston site, will be limited to one person only, speaking for no longer than three minutes. The Parish Council has reserved that ‘slot’ and is currently liaising with Kedleston Voice to draft the most effective response for delivery on the night.
The proposal to develop Kedleston Estate land off Kedleston Road is not a new one.
In 2004 the Parish Council successfully opposed its inclusion in Amber Valley’s strategic reserve, although not before it went to a review by a National Planning Inspector who finally turned it down in his report in 2005.
Then just two years ago AV published their Preferred Growth Strategy, identifying the Council's preferred locations for strategic sites to contribute to housing growth; Kedleston Road was included as a reserve area for residential development during the period to 2028. The Parish Council again successfully opposed its inclusion, citing inability of the roads and schools to cope, loss of good agricultural land and the risk of exacerbating flooding. We ended our submission saying ‘the Parish Council would strongly object to any attempt to raise the areas under discussion to priority status and also considers that very exceptional circumstances would need to exist before consideration was given to their being used as reserve areas.’
The Kedleston Road site was, therefore, not included in AV’s Core Strategy as a potential site for development.
When Catesby and Kedleston Estates published their proposals to build on the Kedleston Road site we thus had plenty of experience and by the end of May we had started work on our response to this latest threat. We developed contacts with Philip Hickson and members of his Allestree Group of Councillors (long before Kedleston Voice was formed) and resolved to see that we delivered a letter to every Quarndon resident enumerating the planning issues and advice on how best to respond once a formal planning application was submitted. So far no application has materialised, but the letter will be delivered with the November Village Newsletter, so residents are prepared.
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