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   Proposed Development off Kedleston Road - update 5    September 14, 2014
From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 12.09.14
I hope many of you managed to submit objections to the proposal by Amber Valley Borough Council to include the Kedleston Road site in their Core Strategy as suitable for development before the deadline last Monday afternoon. It wasn’t made any easier by AV’s website, which did not offer online functionality until shortly before the deadline!
The planning consultant whom the Parish Council had commissioned, produced an eight-page document comprehensively covering all the objections we had considered, but also objecting, in detail, to numerous instances where AV’s actions appear to infringe the National Planning Policy Framework (the planner’s bible).
The AV Council meeting on 17th September will decide whether to proceed with the inclusion of the site in their Core Strategy. If they do ignore all the objections, the next step would be a review of their resubmitted Core Strategy by a national Planning Inspector in October. The Planning Inspector will look at all the objections received during this Public Consultation period before making a decision.
So we now have to wait on these steps to know what more, if anything, we need to do.
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