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   Kedleston Road development: High Court turns down planning appeal decision    June 22, 2017

The Hon. Ms Justice Lang has quashed the decision made by the Planning Inspectorate to grant planning permission for 400 houses on the heritage land adjacent to Kedleston Road, Allestree, Derby. Her decision to dismiss the granting of planning permission on the grounds that it is unlawful has come as a great relief for all those who have campaigned to protect the land and setting linked to Kedleston Hall.

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   Ransomware Guidance for Home Users    May 17, 2017

Message from Gill Riley, Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network Communication Administrator, Derbyshire, sent via Derbyshire Alert

Hello All,
Following the cyber incident on Friday the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have requested that law enforcement reach out to as many people and organisations and give a consistent message.
The following link is the latest Ransomware Guidance for Home Users:

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   Recycling centre charges removed in Derbyshire    May 12, 2017

Charges for residents taking building and demolition waste to Derbyshire’s nine household waste recycling centres have been removed.

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   St Paul's Quarndon Church Fair    May 10, 2017

St Paul’s, Quarndon Spring Fair
Saturday 10th June from 2pm

Various stalls, games and entertainment in the Church and Hall.  Refreshments including home made cakes.

Puppets, Recorders. Everyone welcome.


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From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee

The Consultation Period for responding to the latest iteration of Amber Valley Borough
Council’s Local Plan finishes this Friday, 28th April.

This is the Parish Council’s response; but I would ask you to contact AVBC too, as the more people making their views known the better. You can plagiarise this response and send it by snailmail or email to Amber Valley Planning Dept, or you can reply directly from their website.

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   Annual Village Litter Pick    April 22, 2017

Help to keep Quarndon litter-free!

Meet at Quarndon Village Hall at 10.00am to collect equipment for the litter pick. This is an ideal opportunity for a family walk in the village and maybe suggest a solution to the mystery of the occasional single shoe and lonely glove found by the roadside.

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   Have a snap of the Derbyshire countryside?    March 17, 2017

Are you a keen photographer? Do you like taking photographs of the Derbyshire Countryside on your phone? If so, the Rural Crime Team wants to hear from you.


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   Derwent Valley Mills Anniversary Celebration    March 11, 2017

Derwent Valley Mills invite members of the public to events celebrating the 15th Anniversary of their Inscription on 11th March at the Strutts Centre in Belper, opposite Babington Hospital.


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   Severn Trent: Essential Water Pipe replacement in Quarndon    February 21, 2017

Severn Trent will be carrying out work to replace many of the old water pipes through the village. The work starts on 20th March and will last approx 15 weeks. There will be road closures.

Severn Trent are holding a drop-in session in the Quarndon Village Hall on Tuesday 20th Feb from 3:30pm - 7pm to explain what will be happening and discuss any issues.

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Derbyshire County Council ask: 'Have you got any broken or unwanted electricals? Dig them out and take them to your local household waste recycling centre in the New Year for your chance to win one of fifteen £100 cash prizes.


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   Kedleston Road Development - update    November 13, 2016

The appeal against the planning application decision was won by Catesby Estates. It had been opposed by Amber Valler Borough Council and Kedleston Voice/Quarndon Parish Council.

Kedleston Voice have initiated the next step which is to apply for a stututory review. For updates please see the Kedleston Voice website 


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   On line view of Telephone Box Book Exchange     June 29, 2016

Andy Savage, a photographer who promotes Derby and Derbyshire has created a 360 degree view of the inside of Quarndon’s telephone box library.


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   Neighbourhood Planning - update 17 June 2016    June 17, 2016

The application to undertake a neighbourhood plan for Quarndon Parish has been accepted by Amber Valley Borough Council.

The public notice will appear in the Derby Telegraph on Friday  17 June with the consultation scheduled to run until Monday 18 July.  This indicates where any comments can be submitted to & by when. 

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   Community Celebration of HM the Queen?s 90th Birthday On Sunday 12th June 2016    June 6, 2016

St Paul’s Church, Quarndon Events and Quarndon Cricket Club invite you to a Community Celebration of HM the Queen’s 90th Birthday On Sunday 12th June 2016

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   QNP - Steering Group Meeting on 1st June    June 5, 2016
The meeting of the QNP (Quarndon Neighbourhood Plan) steering group on the 1st June was very successful and the process to create a plan is now under way. The main results of the meeting were :-
1. Nomination of Steering Committee Officers
The following were nominated and agreed:
Simon Reed - Chairman
Drew McAngus - Vice Chairman
Martin Cross - Treasurer
Keith Thomas - Secretary
The Steering Committee would welcome further members; the only qualification required is to be a resident of Quarndon Parish!  Please contact one of the committee members named above or attend our next meeting, which will be at 7.00pm on 22 June at Quarndon Cricket Club if you are interested.
2. Identifying the Geographical Area for the Neighbourhood Plan
DECISION: It was agreed that the area for which we should prepare the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) will be that defined by the Quarndon Parish boundary. 
3. Neighbourhood Plan Application Document
A formal application from Quarndon Parish Council needs to be made to Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) to gain their support for our creation of the NP. The draft application document was reviewed and, with the inclusion of Simon Reed’s name now that he is in place as Chairman of the QNPSC, the Committee gave authorisation to issue.
The full minutes are provided under 'Documents'
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   Neighbourhood Planning - Steering Committee Meeting 1st June    May 28, 2016

The next meeting of the Steering Committee will take place on Wednesday 1st June at 7PM at the Quarndon Cricket Club.

All residents are welcome to attend



1.      Nomination / election of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Chairman of the committee

2.      Identifying the geographical area for the NP – it has been suggested that it should be the Quarndon Parish (map attached)

3.      Setting up of Sub Committees such as housing – planning, traffic etc with their Chairperson

4.      Review of the Application document (See under documents)

5.      Review of the Constitution document See under documents)

6.      Timing; target to have the plan in place within 18 months from now = spring 2018

7.      Application for grant via the Parish Council

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   Derby County Council's new online book club, #Derbyshire Reads    May 25, 2016


Readers are being encouraged to share their recommended reads and get more out of their local library with Derbyshire County Council’s new online book club. The council’s library service suggests a topic for the #DerbyshireReads Facebook group each month and asks members to come up with books on that theme. Since it launched in February themes have included ‘Books successfully adapted to film’ and ‘The best twist in a book’ which have generated a range of reviews at the end of each month.


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   Neighbourhood Planning Meeting 18th May    May 23, 2016

A public meeting took place on 18 May 2016 at the Quarndon cricket club. The aim of the meeting was to take the first steps towards formally establishing a committee for the NP Steering Group. 

A majority of those present were in favour of proceeding with a neighbourhood plan. Also 12 people volunteered to form the steering committee.

It was agreed to hold a steering committee meeting on 1st June - 7pm at the Cricket ground.

See under documents for the minutes of the meeting.

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   St. Paul's Spring Fair Saturday 21st May    May 10, 2016

St Paul’s Spring Fair will be taking place in the Church and Church Hall on Saturday 21 May, from 2pm.


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   Quarndon Neighbourhood Plan - Public Meeting on 18th May    May 8, 2016
The next meeting will be held at Quarndon Cricket Club on Wednesday 18 May 7pm for 7.15pm.
As promised, we have arranged another meeting so that those who are interested and want to become involved can get together and start to make things happen.
The bar will be open and tea, coffee and biscuits will be available as well.
We would encourage everyone with an interest in the NP to come to the meeting. You can come just to get an update on what is going on or you may wish to find out about getting involved at a practical level. However, if the NP is to go ahead then we do need to form a steering group and have a team of enough people willing to be involved.
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   Neighbourhood Plan - Successful Meeting    April 9, 2016

The Quarndon Parish Neighbourhood Plan public meeting held on Wednesday 6th April was a great success. There was a detailed presentation about neighbourhood planning by Isobel Shorrock. Then John Wiltshire, chair of the Idridgehay & Alton and Ashleyhay’s neighbourhood planning steering group gave an excellent summary of how the two parishes went through the process and developed a successful plan. Over 70 residents attended the meeting and all gave very positive feedback. The results are being analysed and will be publicised soon.

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   Annual Village Litter Pick    April 2, 2016

Meet at Quarndon Village Hall at 10.00am to collect equipment for the litter pick. This is an ideal opportunity for a family walk in the village.

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   Neighbourhood Watch advice for shed safety    March 21, 2016

Gerald Price, Quarndon Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator, reminds parishioners that recent experience shows that burglars are wary of properties with alarms. However they are targeting sheds and out-houses for articles that they can readily sell on.   In Spring that is lawn mowers.  In early Summer it is good quality garden furniture.

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   Neighbourhood Plan - Public Meeting on 6th April    March 16, 2016

Residents of Quarndon together with the Quarndon Parish Council are investigating the viability of a Neighbourhood Plan for our village. The aim of the plan is to devolve some control over the future of our neighbourhoods to the local residents. The Neighbourhood Plan concerns all aspects of our village and would be used to retain and enhance the quiet and considerate nature of our village. 

An informative event will be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 6th April at 7pm to which all residents will receive an invitation. This event will be used to gather information and the opinions of local residents and to gauge whether there is an appetite to proceed with producing a Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan relies on input from stakeholders in each and every facet of our village, so all feedback would be most welcomed.

Please try to come to the meeting.

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   Derbyshire County Council Trusted Trader Scheme    February 24, 2016

Derbyshire County Council reminds residents about its Trusted Trader Scheme.


Finding a company that you can trust to do some work for you can be a bit daunting – how can you be sure that you won’t get ripped off? What if things go wrong? How do you choose between lots of different companies? These sorts of dilemmas were a driving force behind the setting up by Derbyshire County Council of the Trusted Trader scheme to help local people find traders and businesses that do a good job at a fair price and provide good customer service.

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   Saturday 19th March: Quarndon Events 1940s Dance     February 20, 2016

Doors open at 7.30pm on Saturday 19th March for Quarndon Events' 1940s Dance in the Village Hall.

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   Outline Planning Application for dwellings off Kedleston Road - Update    February 16, 2016

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 27.01.16

Catesby Estates, a developer, has submitted an outline planning application to Amber Valley Borough Council for permission to build 195 dwellings in the Parish of Quarndon, on land off Kedleston Road. Their earlier application to build 400 houses on this site and adjoining land was turned down by AV Planning Board in July last year. Catesby Estates have appealed that decision and their appeal is due to be heard starting on 19th July this year.


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   'Quarndon Then and Now'    February 8, 2016

When the fascinating history of the village, 'Quarndon Then and Now', edited by the late Bryan Harris, was published in 2008, every household in the parish was entitled to a free copy.

If you have moved into the village since then and would like a copy for your household, please email the Parish Council on books@quarndon.parishcouncil.net.


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   Outline Planning Application for dwellings on land off Kedleston Road    January 29, 2016

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee

Catesby Estates, a developer, has submitted an outline planning application to Amber Valley Borough
Council for permission to build 195 dwellings in the Parish of Quarndon, on land off Kedleston Road.
Their earlier application to build 400 houses on this site and adjoining land was turned down by AV
Planning Board in July last year. Catesby Estates have appealed that decision and their appeal is due
to be heard starting on 19th July this year.

Your Parish Council supports National Policy regarding the provision of adequate housing, but
considers this site to be wholly inappropriate for development and therefore has written to AV
opposing this further application. Our opinion is that this proposal is good for neither the village nor
the locality.

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   Contractors' hours    January 29, 2016

Your Parish Council, with the support of our Borough Councillor Jane Orton, is in discussion
with AV Planning department in an attempt to protect residents from some of the effects
associated with development in the village.

We have had complaints of excessively early and late working and movement of construction traffic, including at weekends and Public Holidays. Repeated on-site bonfires, dust or mud have all contributed to making a significant negative impact on the lives of residents of neighbouring properties.

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   Four hundred houses off Kedleston Road...and a new application    January 18, 2016

From Dr. Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee

As you know, Catesby Estates have appealed AVBC’s refusal on 6 July 2015 to
grant them outline planning permission to build up to 400 houses. That appeal is
going ahead and is scheduled to begin on 19 July 2016 with Quarndon Parish
Council and Kedleston Voice united in opposing it at the hearing.

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   Parish Council role changes    January 6, 2016

Parish Councillor Clare Turner has taken on the roles of Neighbourhood Watch liaison and web editor in addition to maintaining the telephone box book exchange.

Clare can be contacted on Derby 840138 or through the website.

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   Amber Valley withdraw their Core Strategy (local plan)    December 12, 2015

Amber Valley Borough Council has announced that they have been compelled to withdraw their Core Strategy (Local Plan).

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   Quarndon Christmas Lights    December 7, 2015

Quarndon Parish Council will be switching on the Christmas lights on the tree near the top of Church Road on Saturday 12th December.

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   Proposed Development off Kedleston Rd - update 17    December 6, 2015

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 6.12.15

400 houses off Kedleston Road

Our joint application with Kedleston Voice for Rule 6 Status has been successful and the Q.C. who will present our case has been briefed. All the submissions made regarding the original application are with the government Planning Inspectorate. A Planning Inspector will shortly be notifying us of the date and venue for the enquiry.

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   Contractors working in the Village - Give us some feedback!    December 6, 2015

We have all been very aware of building activity in the village, with, at times, disruption to nearby residents, pedestrians and motorists. Amber Valley Planning Department will not impose conditions on contractors when a planning application is granted where the development is limited (one or two houses). The Parish Council would like to see reasonable working hours, responsible parking etc. included with the conditions attached to every successful planning application. What do you think? Speak to a councillor, email QPC quarndonpc@virginmedia.com or come along to our next meeting on Tuesday 15th December at 7.30pm in the lower Village Hall

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   Steve Walton co-opted to Parish Council    November 25, 2015

At the meeting of the Parish Council on 21 Nov Steve Walton was co-opted to the  council. 

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   Parish Councillor Vacancy    November 6, 2015

Quarndon Parish Council

We currently have one vacancy that we are looking to fill by co-option.  We invite anyone who is interested in being considered to notify the clerk via e-mail or post. In particular we would like to hear of any specific skills or interests that you believe would benefit the Parish Council.

The position is unpaid and includes approximately 11 meetings a year.  The Parish Council is non political.

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   Proposed Development off Kedleston Rd - update 16    October 8, 2015

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 08.10.15 (updated 17 Oct)

400 houses off Kedleston Road

Somewhat predictably, Catesby Estates has submitted a Planning Appeal against Amber Valley Borough Council’s decision to refuse their application to build on the Kedleston Road site. There will now be an Inquiry run by one of the government’s Planning Inspectors.

AVBC Core Strategy

Independently of the planning appeal above, the hearings on the Revised Core Strategy are also restarting. You will remember that AVBC decided to withdraw the Kedleston Road site from their original list of potential sites for development. The Government Inspector (quite separate from the inspector hearing the planning appeal) will be considering this amendment as well as examining the basis on which it has been decided how many houses AVBC need to build to contribute to Derby City’s shortfall in meeting their assessed needs for housing through to 2028.

Follow my updates on this website.


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   Death of Bryan Harris    September 20, 2015

It is with great sadness that we report that Bryan Harris died on 15th September after an operation. Bryan was well known in Quarndon, being involved in many local organisations. 

Bryan was a long serving and valuable member of the Parish Council. He has been editing and publishing the Quarndon Parish Council newsletter (delivered to all households in the village) for many years.

One of Bryan's important contributions to the village was the editing and publication of the book 'Quarndon: Then and Now' in 2008 which was distributed to all households. The book is a fascinating account of the history and features of the village and its people. 

Bryan's funeral will take place at St Pauls Church, Quarndon on Friday, 2 October at 12 noon. Bryan had many friends and colleagues and so the service will be very busy.

If possible, please try to walk to the Church as parking near the church will be extremely difficult. Further details of arrangements to follow.

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   Quarndon Information Sheet    August 18, 2015

The latest 'Quarndon Useful Information' sheet is now on the website under the 'Documents' tab. Please let us know if you wish to make changes or have suggestions for additional items. Please send any changes to webmaster@quarndon.parishcouncil.net.

The sheet will be distributed along with the next Quarndon newsletter.

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   Quarndon Parish meets Transparency Requirements.    July 28, 2015

Quarndon Parish Council has met the Government's requirements of the transparency code for smaller authorities. This means that all documents are provided on this website http://www.quarndon.parishcouncil.net/publications.php. Documents can be viewed or downloaded.

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   Revised Core Strategy    July 26, 2015

A meeting of AVBC on 15 July 2015 was advised that on 6 July 2015, the Borough Council’s Planning Board had refused outline planning permission for housing development on the land at Kedleston Road, Quarndon. The councillors were also advised of the reasons for the Planning Board’s decision to refuse planning permission, as well as of the conclusions of the ECUS report (commissioned by the Borough Council to examine the potential impact of the various proposed strategic sites within Amber Valley) in respect of the land, namely that...‘

‘Development within the potential allocation is considered unsuitable based upon potential harm upon the settings of several high value heritage assets.

Development within the potential allocation would have harmful effects upon the settings and heritage significance of Kedleston Hall heritage asset group, Kedleston Hall Hotel and the Quarndon Conservation Area.’

The Council then voted to accept the resolution to withdraw the Kedleston Road site from its list of potential strategic sites for development

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   Kedleston Road Planning Application Turned Down!    July 6, 2015

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 06.07.15

Well, the Planning Board voted to reject Catesby/Kedleston Estates’ application to build 400 houses off Kedleston Road by 6 votes to 5 – the voting, sadly, seems to have been along party-political lines, rather than on the merits of the case.

I include my presentation on behalf of the village below. The case presented by the AV Planning ‘Officer’ – Clare Thornton – making the case for refusal was very impressive. There were a number of searching questions from members of the Board to which she gave clear, robust answers, confirming the officers’ advice to refuse the application.


Presentation to AVBC Special Planning Board Monday 6 July 2015

Quarndon lies just to the North of the City of Derby. It dates back to the 9th century and was once a popular spa where people came to take of the allegedly healing waters at our Chalybeate Well.

A series of earth tremors has meant our well is now dry and the visitors long gone.

We are now a quiet residential village of under a thousand souls; with a church, a popular and oversubscribed primary school, a pub, a successful cricket club and an elegant hotel said to have been designed by Robert Adam whilst he was building the nearby Kedleston Hall.

The Village has seen 35 successful applications for appropriate and sustainable new dwellings since 2011, a growth rate of some 10%.

This application, however, is inappropriate and unsustainable and Quarndon Parish Council is resolutely opposed to it

There are two broad areas where the applicant breaches National Planning Policy Framework objectives, firstly Heritage issues, which will be dealt with by my colleague from Kedleston Voice and secondly Infrastructure, which I will address now.

The applicant has been unable to show that the lack of schools (both primary and secondary) has been resolved. Local schools in both Amber Valley and Derby City are oversubscribed and without land on which they could expand to meet the required places.

Local Medical, Nursing and Dental facilities are all under pressure. My colleagues at the three local General Practices have said they have neither the premises nor the land to expand to meet the demand for extra service provision.

We contend that this development will lead to major disruption to the local roads with the morning peak in particular being grisly, with long queues on Kedleston Road and the parallel A52 and A6, as well as ‘rat runs’ through residential Allestree and through Quarndon Village, which is largely without footpaths.

In May 2015 the Parish Council commissioned Transport Consultants, to prepare a report based on transportation concerns. Their report raises important issues about the potential impact on the local transport network, and questions the validity of the applicant's evidence and the conclusions reached as a result. 

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   Proposed development off Kedleston Rd - update 15    July 4, 2015

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 04.07.15

Amber Valley Special Planning Board meets on Monday evening at 7.00 pm in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Ripley. This meeting’s sole purpose is to consider the application to build 400 houses off Kedleston Road.


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   Proposed development off Kedleston Rd - update 14    June 6, 2015

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 06.06.15

A Special Planning Board meeting has been arranged for Monday 6 July 2015, at 7.00 pm in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Ripley. The sole purpose of the meeting will be to consider and determine the Catesby/Kedleston Estates’ current outline planning application for residential development at Kedleston Road, Allestree (AVA/2014/0928).

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   Parish Council Update    May 29, 2015

Following the recent election and the first Parish Council meeting there have been some changes to the councillors. Richard Curzon has left the council and Andrew Small has joined us.

Matthew Pitt takes over as chairman. Please see  www.quarndon.parishcouncil.net/councillors for details.

The Council welcome comments or requests from Quarndon residents. Please contact the Council using the details on www.quarndon.parishcouncil.net/contact

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   Election Results    May 9, 2015

Parliamentary - Derbyshire Dales

Patrick McLoughlin (Conservative)    24,805 votes, 52.4%


Amber Valley Borough - South West Parishes

Jane Orton (Conservative)  1347 votes


Parish Council


Area: Quarndon
Candidate Votes
Cunningham John Hunter () 341 (E)
Curzon Richard Francis Nathaniel () 114
Harris Bryan () 374 (E)
Hodson Paul Brian () 327 (E)
Knight David Henry () 332 (E)
Pitt Matthew (IND) 311 (E)
Richardson James Hadden () 321 (E)
Rossel Christian () 279 (E)
Small Andrew James () 254 (E)
Turner Clare () 354 (E)
Walton Stephen Anthony () 245


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   Proposed development off Kedleston Rd - update 13    April 23, 2015

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 22.04.15

Catesby/Kedleston Estates’ application to build 400 houses is not now to be decided at the end of this month as Amber Valley struggle to deal with the volume of information flooding into them.

I have just commissioned an independent Traffic Consultancy firm, on behalf of the Parish Council, to look at the issue of the harmful effects all the extra vehicle journeys generated by the proposed development would have on the congestion on Kedleston Road. 

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   Response to Amber Valley Borough Council    April 16, 2015

Response by Quarndon Parish Council regarding further changes to planning application AVA/2015/0928 (proposed 400 houses off Kedleston Road)


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   Response to Amber Valley Borough Council    February 27, 2015

Proposed development off Kedleston Road

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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - Update 12     February 10, 2015

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 10.02.15

Although things seem to have gone quiet regarding the application for 400 homes off Kedleston Road there is quite a bit going on as all the paperwork associated with both the Outline Planning Application and the Proposed Core Strategy is gone through and further evidence and reports requested. 

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   Beware online fraud    December 17, 2014

This festive season Derbyshire Constabulary are running ‘The 12 online frauds of Christmas’ campaign to protect residents across the county from falling victim to cyber fraudsters.

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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 11    November 28, 2014

Further update from Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 10.11.14 (amended)

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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 10    November 10, 2014

Application AVA/2014/0928

This development would fail to offer residents adequate access to schooling, medical, nursing and dental facilities and they would be imprisoned on a site surrounded by grid-locked roads.

This development is therefore unsustainable and should be rejected.

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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 9 (Planning application AVA/2014/0928)    October 29, 2014

Well, the outline Planning Application for ‘up to 400 houses off Kedleston Road’ has now been submitted to AVBC by Catesby Estates Ltd., and the period for responses ‘given the scale and complexity of this application’ has been extended by the Borough Council to 7th December.

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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 8 (Amber Valley meeting 15th Oct)    October 16, 2014

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 16.10.14

Amber Valley Council Meeting 15 October
So, despite all the evidence against, AVBC in their wisdom have included the Kedleston Road site in their Core Strategy. This will now be forwarded to a National Planning Inspector, along with all the responses that were submitted during the Public Consultation. She will be holding an Examination in Public and studying all the evidence before eventually reaching her decision, due to be published in her report early next year.
However, we need to stay alert for a planning application for this site and to be ready to respond with robust arguments against unsustainable development, which will adversely affect all of us in the village. As I mentioned in my last update, we will include an information sheet with next month’s Village Newsletter so that every resident will have the facts to enable them to respond effectively to any application to develop this site. Please do consider making your views known to AV Planning Dept about any planning application for this site, remember you will only have three weeks in which to do so. Any response you may have made to AV’s consultation on their Core Strategy is completely separate;
An application to build on this land has been and remains our prime concern and be aware, it does not need to await the outcome of the enquiry into the submitted Core Strategy.
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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 7    October 13, 2014

Special meeting of Amber Valley Council on 15 October

The 3 minute submission regarding the Kedleston Road site has been jointly drafted by the Parish Council and Kedleston Voice and will be presented at the AV Council meeting on Wednesday by Mrs Isobel Shorrock of Quarndon.


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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 6    October 12, 2014
From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 10.10.14
The AV Council meeting on 17th September, in view of the 2500 responses received during the public consultation period, instructed the planning officers to re-evaluate their recommendations to add 14 extra sites to the revised AV Core Strategy. The officers are to report back to a special meeting of AV Council on 15 October.
There will once again be severely limited public access to the Council Chamber. The opportunity for the public to speak, opposing the inclusion of the Kedleston site, will be limited to one person only, speaking for no longer than three minutes. The Parish Council has reserved that ‘slot’ and is currently liaising with Kedleston Voice to draft the most effective response for delivery on the night.
The proposal to develop Kedleston Estate land off Kedleston Road is not a new one.
In 2004 the Parish Council successfully opposed its inclusion in Amber Valley’s strategic reserve, although not before it went to a review by a National Planning Inspector who finally turned it down in his report in 2005.
Then just two years ago AV published their Preferred Growth Strategy, identifying the Council's preferred locations for strategic sites to contribute to housing growth; Kedleston Road was included as a reserve area for residential development during the period to 2028. The Parish Council again successfully opposed its inclusion, citing inability of the roads and schools to cope, loss of good agricultural land and the risk of exacerbating flooding. We ended our submission saying ‘the Parish Council would strongly object to any attempt to raise the areas under discussion to priority status and also considers that very exceptional circumstances would need to exist before consideration was given to their being used as reserve areas.’
The Kedleston Road site was, therefore, not included in AV’s Core Strategy as a potential site for development.
When Catesby and Kedleston Estates published their proposals to build on the Kedleston Road site we thus had plenty of experience and by the end of May we had started work on our response to this latest threat. We developed contacts with Philip Hickson and members of his Allestree Group of Councillors (long before Kedleston Voice was formed) and resolved to see that we delivered a letter to every Quarndon resident enumerating the planning issues and advice on how best to respond once a formal planning application was submitted. So far no application has materialised, but the letter will be delivered with the November Village Newsletter, so residents are prepared.
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   Criminal Damage in Quarndon    September 23, 2014

Police are appealing for witnesses following reports of criminal damage in Quarndon
On Thursday, September 18 at around midnight police were called to reports of three men jumping on car roofs on Church Road and Woodlands Lane.
Police attended and arrested three 21-year-old men, one was released without charge and the other two were released on police bail pending further enquiries.
Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Dave Morton at Ripley police station using the non-emergency number 101.
To report crime anonymously call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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    Quarndon Events Funday - Charles and Rebecca Hanson    September 20, 2014

Quarndon Events Funday was a great afternoon of games, dog show, bake-off and cream teas. Charles Hanson judged the cakes..

You can view some pictures of the event as a slideshow

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   Proposed Development off Kedleston Road - update 5    September 14, 2014
From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 12.09.14
I hope many of you managed to submit objections to the proposal by Amber Valley Borough Council to include the Kedleston Road site in their Core Strategy as suitable for development before the deadline last Monday afternoon. It wasn’t made any easier by AV’s website, which did not offer online functionality until shortly before the deadline!
The planning consultant whom the Parish Council had commissioned, produced an eight-page document comprehensively covering all the objections we had considered, but also objecting, in detail, to numerous instances where AV’s actions appear to infringe the National Planning Policy Framework (the planner’s bible).
The AV Council meeting on 17th September will decide whether to proceed with the inclusion of the site in their Core Strategy. If they do ignore all the objections, the next step would be a review of their resubmitted Core Strategy by a national Planning Inspector in October. The Planning Inspector will look at all the objections received during this Public Consultation period before making a decision.
So we now have to wait on these steps to know what more, if anything, we need to do.



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   Quarndon Events Funday - Sunday 14 September 2-8pm at Quarndon Cricket Club.    September 3, 2014

Sunday 14 September 2-8pm Funday at Quarndon Cricket Club.

Bouncy Castles/Inflatables We are running a dog show at 5pm.

There will also be free cream teas, ice creams and hot dogs.

There will be golf, kwik cricket, kids games, welly wanging, tug of war.

There will also be a Great Quarndon Bake Off judged by a celebrity, the cakes will then be served with the cream teas.

Dog Show and Bake Off entry forms will be available prior to the event.

BBQs for people to cook their own food. 

Bar and a raffle.

Contact Mandy garrymandymcbride@btinternet.com if you need further information

The event is funded by Quarndon Events

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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 4    August 31, 2014

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 30.08.14

A reminder – you only have until 4.30pm on Monday 8 September to submit representations to Amber Valley on the proposed changes to the Core Strategy (ie their intention to designate the land off Kedleston Road as a suitable site for development)

The use of the standard representation form is strongly recommended as this will ensure that comments are related to matters relevant to the subsequent examination by a Planning Inspector. The representation form can be completed on the Council’s website at www.ambervalley.gov.uk

A paper copy can also be provided by phoning 01773 841583 or by emailing


Representations can be submitted by email or post to the addresses below:

Email:    ldf@ambervalley.gov.uk

Post     The Community Planning team, Amber Valley Borough Council, Town Hall, Market Place, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3BT.

It is important that as many people as possible send in individual objections now, as any subsequent planning application will be immeasurably more difficult to resist if this land is incorporated in Amber Valley’s Core Strategy.

Your Parish Council have commissioned a planning consultant to assist us in preparing our submission resisting the proposed designation of the Kedleston Road land for development. We need it to be as comprehensive and as professional as possible, couched in ‘planning speak’ that will be effective in putting across our case to the Planning Inspector.

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   Kedleston Voice Forum Wednesday 27th August    August 29, 2014

The forum organised by Kedleston Voice on Wednesday 27th August was extremely well attended by local people. The aim was to publicise  the intention by Amber Valley Borough Council to designate the land off Kedleston Road as potential building land for 400 houses or more. Amber Valley have started a consultation period during which people can object. Visitors to the forum were given help to fill in their forms. The consultation period ends on Monday 8th September.

For further information and advice on making an objection please see www.kedlestonvoice.com

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   Newsletters and Consultation     August 18, 2014

The Parish Council is keen to improve communications with Quarndon residents. The following facilities are now in place:-

Newsletters and News Updates

You are welcome to subscribe to getting newsletters and news updates via email. Go to http://www.quarndon.parishcouncil.net/newsletters.php and add your details to subscribe for the service. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose nor passed on.


A consultation facility has been added for residents to comment on the proposed development site for 400 houses off Kedleston Road. See http://www.quarndon.parishcouncil.net/consultations.php

Parish Council Meetings

Dates, agendas and minutes of meetings can be seen via http://www.quarndon.parishcouncil.net/meetings.php. Note that minutes are draft until approved at the following meeting.


The Parish Council welcomes feedback or useful items of news or general interest which could be published on the website or put into the newsletters. See 'http://www.quarndon.parishcouncil.net/contact.php.


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    Policing Team mobile surgery on Monday 11th August has been cancelled.    August 8, 2014

The next Quarndon and Kirk Langley Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team mobile surgery has been cancelled.
This was to be held on Monday 11th August, between 1pm and 3pm at the following locations:

  • Church Road in Quarndon.
  • Mackworth Church on Lower Road in Mackworth.
  • Bellhurst Lane in Weston Underwood.
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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 3    July 29, 2014

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 29.07.14

At the Parish Council meeting last night we discussed an alarming new development regarding the Kedleston Road site. A full meeting of AVBC (Amber Valley Borough Council) on Weds 23rd July passed a resolution put forward by its planning officers to designate this land as a potential strategic site for development and, subject to consultation, to then include it in its Core Strategy when it is resubmitted in the autumn. Public consultation by AVBC runs from yesterday to the 9th September, with a public meeting being held at Kedleston Park Golf Club on Tuesday 12th August from 15.00 to 19.00.

Your Council, last night, agreed to an action plan to handle issues around the future possible development of this site. The most pressing matter currently is to oppose this proposal by AV to nominate this site for future development in order to fulfil their need to provide more sites for extra housing for the Derby Housing Market Area (HMA)

We need your help to reverse this decision, so please;

Lastly, residents in the area have got together and the various groups have united to form Kedleston Voice, please do visit their website  www.kedlestonvoice.com

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   Stay safe online    July 28, 2014

A host of information is available at www.saferinternet.org.uk

The Government’s new Cyber Streetwise website – www.cyberstreetwise.com – provides advice for homes and businesses on things including anti-virus software, online passwords, shopping safely online, and social media privacy settings.

Online shoppers can talk to Consumer Direct about general shopping advice by calling 08454 04 05 06. Anyone who thinks they have been the target of a scam/fraud should report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or report it online at www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud

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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 2    July 17, 2014

From Dr Paul Hodson, Chair, Quarndon Parish Council planning subcommittee 15.07.14

You may have been as surprised as I was, to learn from a recent article in the Derby Telegraph, that Catesby Estates Ltd are proposing a scheme to build 400 or so dwellings off Kedleston Road in the Parish of Quarndon. Your Council discussed the proposal at its June meeting; a number of concerns were expressed and we discussed what actions we needed to take to represent you effectively.


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   Proposed development off Kedleston Road - update 1    July 4, 2014

Catesby Estates Ltd are working on an outline planning application for 400 houses to be built off Kedleston Road, north of Memorial Road. The site is in the parish of Quarndon.  See http://kedlestonroad.co.uk for details of the proposal. 

Catesby Estates say "We know how important it is to involve the local community as our plans develop, and we are committed to consulting local residents about these plans. As part of this commitment, we are holding a public exhibition that will provide local residents, elected representatives and stakeholders with an opportunity to view our proposals, to provide feedback and to ask questions of the project team before we submit an outline planning application later in the year". 

The exhibition will be held at the Royal British Legion, 39 Cornhill, Derby, DE22 2FS from 2pm - 8pm on Thursday, 10th July

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   Royal British Legion    June 30, 2014

The Royal British Legion needs volunteers to help with the Poppy Appeal in Allestree & Quarndon this year.

We are looking for a Poppy Organiser to raise funds for the Poppy Appeal in Allestree & surrounding area in the weeks leading up to Remembrance Sunday. The role involves organising the boxes for distribution to shops & schools, distribution & collection of boxes, counting & banking collections, and associated record keeping. We also need volunteers with cars to distribute boxes & tins in the week before the start of the Appeal and collect them again after Remembrance Sunday, and volunteer collectors to help ‘sell’ poppies at Park Farm during the Remembrance fortnight.

The Organiser role could suit an individual or two or three people working together. Similarly, we would welcome any community groups that could man the stand at Park Farm for a day or more as well as individuals. Anyone interested in helping can contact me on the email and mobile phone number below.

Christine Selden

Community Fundraiser - Derbyshire

Mobile: 07973 750816



The Royal British Legion

2nd Floor, Saxon House, Friary Street

Derby DE1 1NL

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    Cold calling by telephone or at the door    May 12, 2014

Trading standards would like  to remind people that you should never deal with anyone who cold calls by telephone or at the door and you should never provide personal information/bank details to cold callers.  If you have received cold calls either by phone or at the door, felt pressurised into a visit from a business, are not sure who the business is, or are concerned in any way, you should report it to the citizens advice consumer service on 08454 04 05 06. You can also visit www.adviceguide.org.uk for advice.

You can register both your landline and mobile numbers with the following FREE services and are advised to do so on a YEARLY BASIS
The Telephone Preference Service – 0845 070 0707
Silent Call Guard – 0844 372 2325 

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   Quarndon Events 2014    April 6, 2014

Lots of events this year. 

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   Stamp out Fraud    February 18, 2014

Detectives are teaming up with Derbyshire County Council and Derby City Council in a bid to increase public knowledge and protect the communities from becoming a victim of fraud. 

The countywide drive will focus on offering top tips and advice to encourage the public to take action against fraudsters and give them the opportunity to hear from victims of the crime.

The dedicated page on the force website includes the latest news releases about frauds that have happened in the county, useful advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of the crime, as well as the latest convictions.

The website also features a top tips video hosted by Detective Inspector Rob King and Detective Constable Julie Wheeldon, to highlight the simple steps that be taken to stay safe online, from using social media sites to online banking.

To find out more about visit the dedicated Stamp out Fraud page at www.derbyshire.police.uk/stampoutfraud

If you think that you have been a victim of fraud, contact the non-emergency number for Derbyshire police on 101. Alternatively visit Action Fraud at www.actionfraud.police.uk

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   Recent Burglaries    January 28, 2014

There have been a spate of burglaries in the Church Road/Barn Close area recently.


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   Parish Council documents    November 30, -0001

Quarndon Parish Council has met the requirements of the Government's Transparency Code for smaller authorities. In essence this means that the Council now provides all its documents on this website. Documents can be viewed or downloaded. See http://www.quarndon.parishcouncil.net/publications.php

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